Hello, I am Dorothy and I have been a portrait photographer for over 10 years. One of my greatest joys is taking the best photograph someone has ever seen of themselves. I create lasting memories through the stunning printed portraits that are in my clients homes; gracing walls as a legacy to be cherished by future generations. I know you may have a barrier in mind that may stop you from getting your photographs taken (as I have even avoided the camera in the past), but my job is to make you comfortable in front of the camera and capture you for all time in the most beautiful way. It is truly a transformative experience. The most important message I can give you today is of value and self-love, because you deserve to #existinphotographs for yourself and your loved ones. My passion is to help women on the journey to their highest confidence and I invite you to a photography session with me, as I believe it will truly change the way you see yourself.


Photographer | Mentor | Speaker